Wednesday, April 3, 2013

diy: Branch Hooks

Well there's not much to this little diy project, which I think is a plus. Just find some branches, some left over paint, and a few nails.

I wish I could say I was creative enough to think of this on my own, but I've come across iron branch hooks at a few different stores and thought, why spend over $20 for two hooks when I can make as many as I want for free? And you know what...I happen to like these a whole lot more than any of the ones I could have purchased. Each hook is unique and can't be replicated. Pretty neat, huh?

I think I'm going to make a few more in white.

Hope you like em' enough to try!

What you need:
Spray paint
Nails & hammer

I picked out branches while walking Sterling, keeping my eye out for unique looking ends, like the branch pictured above to the right with the curvy end. Trim the branches to desired length. I was able to just snap each branch little by little. Spray paint branches. Nail or screw to wall. I used screws and a drill to put mine up and had no problems at all with breakage although one was close to splitting as I was tighten it to the wall ( the one pictured above on the right) but I ended up liking the tiny split, so I kept it. I think it adds a little more character to it.

And since I haven't in awhile, here is a pic of my sweet bear bear, Sterling...

He's still a baby but filling out a bit more. We are still working on listening to mommy when we have guests at the house and knowing when it's okay and not okay to jump and give hugs, but I love him more and more each day. I had no idea that I would be the one who needed training when I brought him home with me, but I've come to learn that in order to bring out the best in him, I need to learn how to correctly take over as the pack leader. Hehe can you tell I've been watching dog whisper on Netflix?

Hope you're having a happy hump day!

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