Friday, October 5, 2012

taking it easy.

The past few days have not been great. My throat was bothering me a bit last Wednesday & by Thursday morning, it was official. I was sick. Fever, a terrible cough, achy body, pounding headaches, sore throat, and feeling a bit nauseous. 

I had requested that Friday off from work for a nice personal day of enjoyment & was going on and on about just spending the day out and about. But I ended up spending the whole day & weekend in bed. By Sunday I was feeling a little better so Billy & I went to our new favorite hiking spot & sat by the water while the dogs enjoyed taking ownership of every tree and bush in site. 


It was nice being outside but I could still feel the symptoms lingering. On Monday, I made it to work but left a few hours early. Made it thru the day on Tuesday. Yesterday, I was sent home because my cough was just...gross and loud...not attractive. I decided to go to the doctor which I NEVER do. Luckily, I don't have the flu or strep. I have bronchitis. So lots of soup & liquids for me.

most boring lunch ever.

Like I've said before, I feel incredibly lucky & blessed to have the job I have, but I have the most difficult time reminding myself of that every morning. Usually I'm just dreading clocking in & spending the next 8 hours of my day indoors, sitting down, starring at a computer screen. So spending my time outside of work in bed put me in a blah mood quickly. But Billy made sure to keep my spirits high while recovering. He even got me some sweet new PJs to lounge in!!

And if I may say so myself... I look pretty kick-ass in em'!!

I'm feeling much better & excited for the weekend to come!! Busy schedule filled with fun stuff going on & it all starts tonight with pumpkin carving & Halloween decorating!! woohoo!! I hope your weekend is starting out top-notch! And if not, here are some pics of Sterling Bear... they tend to cheer me up when I'm having a rough (haha) day. 


Take care!

I'll be back with talks of food & deliciousness.

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