Monday, January 30, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Well, I'm not off to a good start. I was definitely thinking I would be posting soon after my first. And here it is, two months later. I don't know about you, but I'm just now recovering from the holidays. All the stress of final exams & making sure my paychecks are large enough to spread Christmas cheer to friends and family...wore me out!!

Oh! Before I forget... happy new year!

This past weekend was a nice lazy one for me. I took Sterling bear to get neutered Friday and we've been keeping it low key while he recovers. I have to keep this dog calm for one whole week. No long walks. No dog parks. No jumping. Cone on his head the whole time.  He is going to drive me insane! Poor thing has so much energy and it's just building up inside him more and more everyday. Also, he hasn't quite gotten the hang of maneuvering with a cone around his head. Hehe, it can be entertaining at times.
But there were some benefits from taking it easy. I was able to get my planner organize and make out a shopping list for future meals I plan on blogging about. Crossing my fingers I get back on my A game!
This weekend was also a great time to try and figure out the best way to use the little natural light that does enter my apartment. So I took pictures of some of the meals we ate.

First, some coffee in my cute new thirfted mug. Oh yeah...and some not very healthy donuts. I swear I was sharing!! I only ate two...or three...
I made some delicious quinoa patties and I tried a recipe for panko crusted cauliflower from a great blog, that's so michelle.

Ever have sunflower butter spread? It's yummy! And the best way to have it...

on toasted bread topped with raspberry fruit spread, sliced bananas, almonds, and dark chocolate shavings. Perfect afternoon snack.

I also got to try some new juice recipes this weekend. I've been super jazzed on the new juicer I got right after Christmas. I would like to plan a 3 day juice fast sometime soon. This is one of the juices I tried this weekend.


I hope you all had a great start to the week!
Be back soon!